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 Process Integration
Pinch PPinch Analysis
Thermal energy efficiency

spiral.jpg (207075 octets)Maximize your fuel savings with Pinch Analysis process integration. [more...]

 Electrical (motive) 
 energy savings

Reduce your electricity bill by 15-30% on pumps, fans, compressors, coolers, etc. [more...]

 process simulation 

A powerful and versatile tool to help you increasing your production, optimizing your process and more... [details]

 Product design  
 and optimization 

A judicious combination of different simulation and optimization approaches can deliver cost-effective and precise results. [details]
Solid lithium-polymer battery


:: Pragmathic, Duncan Industrial and QRP win the 2002 APEGBC annual environmental award >>>

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Need to do reliable flow measurements ?

Transit-time flowmeter rental (and others)....[info]


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3-day Pinch analysis introductory course >>>


New tools to improve modelization using multivariate analysis >>>

Textbook on Energy Efficiency for the Pulp and Paper industry >>>



Pinch analysis Energy
targeting demo (Excel worksheet) >>>

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