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                    Pinch Analysis  

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Pinch Analysis is a unique process design expertise dedicated to maximize your process energy efficiency at minimum capital expenses.

Minimize your greenhouse gases emissions and ...

Meet your targets in a very profitable way !


Pinch Analysis is a system approach that examines your process as a whole to lead you towards your global optimum design. Based on rigorous thermodynamic principles, Pinch analysis is the best and only tool available that enables the engineer to establish a strategic plan of action to achieve maximum thermal energy efficiency. This plan is a set of well integrated projects that can be budgeted and implemented gradually over the years.


Can you answer this question:
What is your plant minimum energy requirement ?

Pinch Analysis can answer this difficult question in 2 steps: 
Step 1:
determine your process minimum energy usage and
Step 2:
find the design that meets this minimum value



| Some Benefits  of Pinch Analysis |


Maximize thermal energy savings, 
..... and fresh water savings !

Save both energy and fresh water ...

Get the most out of your capital expenditure budget !

... and save Capital !

Maximize your CHP (cogen) efficiency !

Debottleneck your process and utilities, increase your production !

Beat your energy efficiency learning curve !


A Pinch Analysis study assesses the following energy efficiency solutions:

Heat recovery: heat exchangers, streams mixing, economizers, quenching towers and other heat transfer means;
Utilities optimization: steam pressure levels, boilers efficiency, make-up water preheating, refrigeration levels...;
Identification of judicious process modifications: equipment and operation (pressures, temperatures, flows,...);
Best schemes of integration for heat pumping, thermocompression, mechanical vapor recompression and cogen units;
Streams reuse / recycling;
Appropriate integration of existing and new unit operations (evaporators, dryers, distillation columns, etc.).  


Before: select ideas from references, proceed by inspection and intuition

Now: build your custom list of optimum projectsPinch.5.gif (12139 octets)

Want  more details on
Pinch Analysis studies ?

Consult our tutorial on the basic concepts

Or consult this textbook

Pinch Analysis: a major breakthrough
        in process integration        

mature expertise since mid-1980

based on rigorous thermodynamic principles 

recognized concept by the scientific community




The savings identified vary largely and can be as high as 90% (ex.: Kraft mill) of the fossil fuel bill. Savings around 25% of the fuel bill for payback periods of 12 to 24 months are typical values. The important points to remember are:

> In any plant, the minimum energy requirement can be calculated with Pinch Analysis;

> Among the most cost-effective solutions can be designed to get as close as possible to this minimum value for a given economic criterion.


 | Savings and Profitability


 =>Take a look to our case studies .



 | Pragmathic's qualifications

Pragmathic, Duncan Industrial and QRP
win the 2002 APEGBC annual
environmental award.

Pragmathic expertise in Pinch Analysis rests on the 16 years of experience of its personnel in process integration for the sectors of pulp and paper, petrochemical and food and beverages.

For any plant, a minimal management commitment to energy efficiency is mandatory to achieve real results. In plants where this condition is met, the rate of project implementation of a Pragmathic's Pinch analysis study is always high, and the savings and profitability obtained are on target.

For more information, see our case studies.


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