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About us

Energy efficiency - Pinch analysis - Process / Product optimization - Greenhouse gases emission minimization - Fresh water savings - Quality problem solving - Cost reduction (operation and capital) - Process debottlenecking / production increase - ...

Our Mission

Pragmathic Inc. is an engineering firm that provides a second to none practical expertise in fundamental process engineering sciences to develop numerical simulations and optimize industrial processes and  products. 

In addition to our pratical experience in a wide range of industrial sectors, we use among the most advanced know-how and we do work hard to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that enable our clients to build and maintain competitive advantages. 

We have a well-established and reputable expertise in energy efficiency optimization where we use Process / Energy integration with Pinch Analysis and computer process simulation to minimize your energy costs, your greenhouse gases emissions and your fresh water usage.

We are proficient in the development of complex multi-disciplinary high fidelity virtual models of your process, equipment or product and in their optimization in a constrained environment (minimize costs, improve performance, reduce weight, ...) By multi-disciplinary models, we mean models that integrate a large set of engineering sciences like heat transfer, thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, mechanical stress, etc. We do that with the help of a judicious combination of commercial softwares, custom developments and expertise in mathematics and statistics to propose cost-competitive solutions achievable in a practical time frame.

We provide consulting and training services in our areas of expertise. We invite you to visit our web site to see in more details what we can do to support your business. Many case studies and examples are presented to illustrate our claims.

Pragmathic Inc. is a company founded by Mr. Gaétan Noël, master in chemical engineering, who has been working in these fields of expertise since 1984.


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