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 Process simulation  

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Computer process simulation is a very powerful tool that can be used profitably for different applications, namely:

energy and operating cost savings
operators training
environmental impact reduction
production increase, debottlenecking
safety and risk minimization
quality improvements
information management

Pragmathic offers a solid expertise to develop and exploit computer process simulations for its bilancol.gif (10018 octets) Clients' benefits. In addition to its mastering of many computer simulation softwares like Wingems and Cadsim+, Pragmathic's knowledge in many different fields of mathematics and fundamental engineering sciences constitutes a major advantage. This advantage translates into more cost-effective developments, better simulation precision, and reliable predictive capabilities

For the development of a virtual process simulation, the extent of a mandate, therefore its cost, is related to many factors summarized below.

Dimensionalities of computer process simulation

> Lumped model
By compartment and unit operation
> Fine detailed grid, finite element level

Mass balance - Energy balance - Thermodynamics - Reaction kinetics - Momentum balance - Diffusion - ...

Fundamental laws - Mathematical fit - Empirical equations - Statistical model

Steady state - Dynamic

> Plant
> Department
> Equipment


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"Any piece of information is an hypothesis"

A simulation attribute of utmost importance is its predictive capability's reliability and precision (its fidelity). Conditions imposed to a simulation correspond most of the time to an extrapolation from current operating conditions, and this is a very touchy task to complete. We are particularly proficient in the development of high fidelity models.

A textbook on process simulation including guidelines and rules of thumb is available here.

In addition to the technical aspect behind the model preparation itself, the collection of large quantities of information on the process is mandatory. On site data collection, measurements, inspections and verifications require many weeks of work spent in the field. Sufficient redondancy must be obtained to fit and cross-check the computer model.

Application example

sturb.gif (43238 octets)A detailed simulation of a pulp mill included the steam generation. A 30 MW cogeneration steam turbine was in operation and its characteristic curve had been programmed via a DDE link with an Excel spreadsheet. It was then possible to optimize the steam production for each pressure level in order to reduce the total utility cost while maximizing the electricity production. The new operating conditions found could save around 300 k$ CDN/yr for free.




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