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Pragmathic's expertise is a unique combination of wide and deep knowledge of fundamental engineering sciences with pratical experience in many industrial sectors and the technology involved in the proposed solutions. These 3 aspects must be met if you want to get successful practical results with the virtual and conceptual approaches we use. For more details about us, click here.

We can create high fidelity computer virtual models of your process, equipment or product and use these models in many imaginable ways to meet your objectives: solve problems, optimize some design criteria within a constrained environment, minimize costs, improve performance, etc. By a judicious combination of commercial softwares, custom developments and expertise in mathematics, fundamental engineering sciences and statistics, we propose cost- competitive solutions achievable in the shortest possible time frame. 

Pragmathic has a well-established and reputable expertise in energy efficiency optimization using Pinch Analysis  Energy / Process integration combined with computer process simulation.

Furthermore, our continuous R&D activities, namely in Retrofit Pinch Analysis and in multivariate statistical analysis, allow us to use exclusive tools and expertise unmatched by the competition.

For almost 20 years, our engineers have had the opportunity in their previous employments or within Pragmathic to help hundreds of Clients improving their profitability and competitiveness in many industrial sectors like:


Pulp and paper: West Fraser Quesnel, Millar Western, Twin River Papers, Kruger mills, Canfor, ...

We invite you to follow these links to get more details on the different services we offer and on case studies of projects done in the past.

Pinch Analysis Energy / Process integration
Computer process simulation
Electrical (motive) energy savings
Product / Equipment optimization

Chemicals and petrochemicals: Greenfield Ethanol, Petro-Canada (Suncorp), Shell, Norks-Hydro, Graybec Calc., Sico...
Food and Beverages: Smuckers Food, Parmalat, Agrinove, Molson, Saputo, Agropur... General manufacturing: Avestor, IBM, Goodyear, GM, Twinpak... Mining and Metallurgy: Noranda, Doyon mine, Kiena mine, Domfer...

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