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We can introduce you to Pinch Analysis with our basic 3-day introductory course given on your site for a maximum of 10 participants.

The objective of this course is to introduce the participants to the major concepts of Pinch Analysis and to learn how to design solutions that will maximize process energy recovery in real life situations.

We know a case where this course has led a plant technical services to identify and implement projects that have saved fossil fuels for about 1.5 millions $CAN a year within a few months payback period. Contact us for more information or to organize a session.

You can also consult the following reference book:

Energy cost reduction in the pulp and paper industry - A monograph
Published by Paprican (PAPTAC), November 1999

in which Pragmathic's associate Mr. NoŽl is a joint author of the chapters on process simulation and Pinch Analysis.



-------------------- DAY 1 --------------------

  1. Introduction

Presentation and problem definition

  1. Energy targets and maximum energy recovery solutions (new design)

Minimum energy requirement targets, composite curves
Problem table algorithm
The heat recovery pinch and its significance
Heat exchanger network design rules for maximum energy recovery solutions
Stream split design
Threshold problems
Design with multiple pinch cases

9 working sessions included.

-------------------- DAY 2 --------------------

  1. Minimum cost target (new design)

The minimum number of heat recovery units
Reducing the number of units : loops and paths concepts
The minimum heat exchanger network area
Solution optimisation / evolution
Global optimisation ("supertarget"), optimum dTmin
Topology trap

3 working sessions included.

  1. Introduction to process integration of utilities and unit operations

Multiple Utilities and the Grand Composite curve
Optimisation of the process-utility interface
Heat engines
Heat pumping
Process modifications: the Inner Process and the plus/minus principle

-------------------- DAY 3 (AM) --------------------

  1. Retrofit design

Problem definition and constraints
Energy targeting
Capital targeting
Design rules
Cases studies

1 working session

  1. Miscellaneous topics

Batch processes
The energy balance
Data extraction
Flexibility and heat exchanger network controls
Pressure drop consideration
Minimum number of shells, 1-2 heat exchangers
The pinch principle generalization: ex.: water pinch
Steps of a typical project

-------------------- DAY 3 (PM) --------------------

  1. Wrap-up

Working session on a part of the clientís process

Annex 1: Litterature


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